Our Production Facility

Our Production Facility

Precast India started their production facility in 2011,at Wade Bolhai, near Wagholi. The state of the art facility spread over 63 Acres is probably India’s biggest precasting factory. The factory is equipped with modern equipments matching industry standards worldwide. The founders vision of developing precast construction technology in India was kick started by the construction of our own factory!The mammoth factory shed of 1,44,000 Sq.ft with 25m span rafters was entirely pre-casted at the site itself. It was erected in place in 11 months.

Plant Machinery

Our Production Capacities are:

Sr.No. Product Yearly Capacity
1 Hollow Core Slabs 3 Million Sq.Ft.
2 Solid Walls and Solid Slabs 3.5 Million Sq.Ft.
3 Prestressed Beams 35000 Running Metres
4 Paving Blocks 6.5 Million Sq.Ft.
5 Double T Slabs 550,000 Sq.ft.


Apart from these proprietary systems and moulds, we have a large range of outdoor tables where elements of countless different shapes, sizes can be manufactured.


Batching Plants

At our facility, we have 2 batching plants from renowned European manufacturers with a combined capacity to produce 120 Cubic Metres of Concrete per hour during peak production. To ensure uninterrupted supply of raw materials to these high capacity batching plants, we have huge silos for cement and fly ash, as well as high capacity aggregate bins and a network of conveyor belts.

Gantry Cranes

For our huge stockyard area and loading bays, we have 10 tower cranes with boom lengths ranging from 45m to 75m.

For the internal production areas, we have 4 EOT Cranes.

For our newly added outdoor production bay, we have installed 5 rail mounted “Goliath Cranes”.

Hollow Core manufacturing Machinery

We have 6 production beds of 1.2m width. For Concreting, we use overhead buckets, concrete shuttles, Remote Control Operated buckets etc.

Carousel system

This is a state of the art equipment with high levels of automation. This system of production functions like an assembly line, with various stations according to stage of production. To supplement the high production achieved in this system, we have a curing chamber where the produced elements can be stacked for faster demoulding.

Mobile Cranes

We use a number of mobile cranes to carry smaller elements within the factory premises.


We use a number of Vibrators to concrete compaction.


To ensure our element delivery speeds keep up with our production speed, we have a large fleet of trailers and trucks.

Tower Cranes

BRCCPL and PIIPL have a huge fleet of 36 Truck-mounted mobile, hydraulic cranes, self erecting tower cranes. On site works are carried out with our high capacity tower cranes from renowned manufacturers like Liebherr, TerEx.

Steel Processing Machines

Apart from the usual bar bending, Cutting machines, we use specialized machinery like Stirrup Making Machines for automated CNC precision manufacturing of stirrups.

R & D Lab

Our R & D Lab Capacities are:

In order to promote & increase the process and product quality requirements and the quality supreme consciousness we are continuously bringing us, the step ahead towards the Quality conscious activities and initiatives.
On this path, PIIPL team has been taken one more step ahead by establishing Research & Development Lab factory Campus for better control in existing raw materials and concrete and develop them in this field to maintain better quality.
This R&D Lab, set up in an area of 320 sqm having facility to test all the raw materials like cement, fly ash, aggregates, chemical admixture and concrete which will help in ensuring reliability of materials.

1. Cement: Standard consistency, Initial setting time, Final setting time, Specific surface, specific gravity, soundness, fineness, compressive strength of cement cubes.

2. Fly ash: Fineness, moisture content, Initial & Final setting time, Specific surface, specific gravity, soundness, fineness, compressive strength, Lime reactivity and LOI .

3. Aggregate: Particle size distribution, combined & all in aggregate, silt content, flakiness index, elongation index, specific gravity, water absorption, DLBD, bulkage, moisture content, crushing value, impact value, 10 percent finess value, Aggregate abrasion value etc.

4. Chemical Admixture: Specific Gravity and pH Value, cement admixture compatibility test.
Concrete: Concrete trial mixes, Slump, Flow, compressive strength of concrete cubes & cylinders, flexural strength, split tensile strength, SCC parameters – V funnel, L-box, fresh concrete density, air content, initial and final setting time of concrete, bleeding of concrete, modulus of elasticity, permeability of concrete etc.

Logistics and Transport Systems

Our Logistics and Transport Systems Capacities are:

Trailers To ensure our element delivery speeds keep up with our production speed, we have a large fleet of trailers and trucks.

EHS Policies

1. Daily tool-box talks at site before start the work.
2. Work permit to be taken before start the work.
3. Method statement & job safety analysis
4. Checklist to maintained as per requirement of site.
5. Equipment Inspection carried out before starting the job.
6. Daily safety observation tour , updates on compliances.
7. Every week safety meeting is scheduled with client and followed rigorously.
8. Mandatory safety induction to all new staff /workers & visitors.
9. Mandatory compliance as per legal requirement.
10. Strict Monitoring ,on the spot Education & Action against unsafe act /unsafe conditions.

PIIPL EHS Policies and Focus Areas –

Handling Lifting Stacking
Welding Electrical Excavation
Vehicles Cranes Barricading
Scaffold Steel Housekeeping
Fire CPR Tool Box Talk
Access Signages EHS Training