Infosys Multi Level Car Parking, Hinjewadi

Multi Level Car Parking for Infosys Limited in Hinjewadi

Amongst our upcoming projects is a Multi-level Car park for Infosys Limited in Hinjewadi. This structure will be 11 stories high and will be used exclusively for parking four wheelers. The structure has been designed for dynamic vehicular loads. We will be using Large span Double T Slabs, Hollow Core Slabs, Precast Columns, Precast Spandrel Beams, Precast Inverted T Beams, Precast Retaining Walls, Precast Compound Walls and Precast Facades for this project. This project will be a path breaking achievement in the Indian construction industry, since it contains a very high percentage of precast components. (Nearly 100% Components of the building will be pre-casted at our factory and transported to the site for erection)

Key Facts and Figures

  • Area: 4,50,000 sft