Truzzi Prefabbricati

Truzzi Prefabbricati

My name is Alberto Truzzi and I’m the CEO of TruzziS.p.a. ( and other companies dealing with pre-cast business and Vice President of Italian Pre-casters association called Assobeton (

We were visited at our plant  by both father and son Bhate, whom we appreciated a lot for their competence and interest on our field although they started their pre-cast adventure just a few years ago.

We agreed to meet at  their place and went by the end of April for a short visit. We found a well managed reality with huge enterprises already done through pre-cast technology. It’s obvious that a lot has to be done, especially for two reasons: first of all the pre-cast technology is of very recent introduction in India, therefore the culture of designers, management, clients, platers must arise; then the raw materials available on the place are not exactly conceived for that new for the land technology. But we were surprised of how pre-cast elements quality was high, and of how brilliantly production and assembling problems were solved.

Starting as almost first in the Country, connected to the skill of the players, will assure to Pre-Cast India a shining position on the growing Indian pre-casting sector. You can count on it!

Best Regards

Alberto Truzzi
AmministratoreUnico (Director),
PoggioRusco, Mirandola, Italy